Oase Filtral UVC All In One Unit


This multi-tasking all in one pond unit with plug and play technology is a compact filter unit with integrated UV clarification and fountain/waterfall pump for ponds up to 9000 Litres.



The Oase Filtral all in one, plug and play, complete Pond units are the next generation of internal pond filters for outdoor ponds with no fish and up to 6000 ltrs and Goldfish ponds of up to 3000 ltrs.

The compact all-rounder for small ponds, to supplement a filter system, or suitable for decorative pools such as zinc tubs or barrels. The compact underwater filter with UVC technology for sterilisation also has the option for various water fountain attachments and an aeration nozzle from the Filtral UVC 3000 onwards. Four different filter materials ensure clear water.

Oase Filtral UVC is a filter, pump and UV clarifier all in one in a simple easy to maintain box. The technology is virtually invisible the ability to hide the Filtral under the water line is to preserve the appearance of the pond and make sure it remains undisturbed. Oase has a clear water guaranteed with its Filtral. The Filtral is also a plug play filter once you have taken it out of the box it is ready to go! The perfect plug and play solution.

Small in size but large in features, these complete filter units incorporate both medium and fine grade foam for mechanical filtration, which is followed by ceramic and plastic media for biological filtration. The top-quality construction and easy to open clips mean cleaning and maintenance of this product is quick and simple.

Oase Filtral All in One Key Features

  • A UVC to eliminate green water.
  • Visible UV indicator light.
  • Easy installation with just one 10m power cable – Plug and Play!
  • 2 Year Guarantee.
  • Set up completely underwater – the appearance of the pond remains undisturbed
  • Easy cleaning with the quick opening of the unit which allows filter elements to be easily cleaned.

OASE Filtral 1500-3000-6000 Instructions

Product Type Description RRP
Filtral 1500 UVC Filtral 1500 UVC – all in pond pump, filter and UVC, 560lph 0.90 max. head, 36w 3000l decorative/1500l fish. 10m cable $549.95
Filtral 3000 UVC Filtral 3000 UVC – all in pond pump, filter and UVC, 1200lph 1.8m max. head, 36w 3000l decorative/1500l fish. 10m cable $699.95
Filtral 6000 UVC Filtral 6000 UVC -all in pond pump, filter and UVC 11, 1700lph 2.1m max. head, 52w 6000l decorative/3000l fish. 10m cable $899.95

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions N/A