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Welcome to ClearPond NZ the distributor of water garden equipment, and wholesale resort building supplies in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

The ClearPond range offers an unrivalled breadth of product from – budget, to the precision and industry leadership of the Oase range.

ClearPond, a sub-brand of Brustics Ltd, has for over 16 years, supplied the New Zealand and Pacific Island market with a unique range of natural products for landscaping. The team are very proud of the many awards won at landscaping shows over the years, and bring that same enthusiasm and enjoyment to our business every morning. We are also proud of the quality of our products and rewarded by the many positive testimonials we receive from our customers. Follow us on Facebook or leave us a message on your experience with our product and services.

The Clearpond range provides an opportunity to extend that enthusiasm into the Water Garden segment. Purchase your product online or via one of our resellers (WHERE to BUY).

Water gardens create a relaxing environment that opens the senses to the diverse beauties of nature.

Graceful fountains, flowing streams or the silent glide of fish through a crystal clear pond, are just a few of the opportunities available – add underwater lighting, and these creations become truly remarkable at night.

Everyone can make this a reality with proper planning and the correct equipment – we hope you find these requirements on our site. Or simply call us to get expert help in planning and maintaining a garden paradise in your backyard.

Please note we do not offer installation or onsite servicing, but can point you towards a network of service providers that do

We are here to answer your questions; just call us on 0800 278 784