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Check out our helpful links below to find out more about safety and processes. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pondering a watergarden? Here’s some clearwater pond basics.

The basic components to achieve a Clearpond solution should include:

  • pond liner or pre-formed pond – our selection of pre-formed ponds provide a quick and versatile solution, or we can supply PVC or rubber liner to line your custom-built shape.
  • pump for operating a filter, water feature or water course – Pond pumps are specifically designed to provide a relatively low pressure flow to pond filter systems.
  • filter for biological-mechanical cleaning – without a pond filter your pond water will get pretty mucky. The pond filter should have a filter that can capture and grow good bacteria to help maintain the water’s proper balance.
  • Pond aeration to supply the pond with oxygen – this can be achieved with a fountain or waterfall, otherwise aeration equipment may be required.
  • skimmer for surface cleaning – usually only required if the pond is surrounded by leafy trees.

To determine which sized products to buy, you’ll need to know your pond volume and how many litres per hour (LPH) you require. For this you can use our handy calculators.

For DIYers, our all-in-one kits are very popular, including our solar powered kits for smaller installations where no power is available.

The exact requirements and specification of a water garden will also depend on pond type, fish type (if any), watercourse or waterfall, sunlight exposure and temperature variation. Click here for more information or feel free to contact us if you have any questions!