AquaOxy Pond Air Pumps (Various Sizes)


AquaOxy systems are a safe and efficient way of increasing oxygen levels in the pond. The AquaOxy can be used with flow-through filters to provide oxygen and help grow beneficial bacteria.

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Oase AquaOxy Aeration Pump

This variable flow pond aeration pump supplies ponds with additional oxygen, vital for healthy ponds.

  • AquaOxy is a quiet, energy efficient, low-voltage (12V) membrane air injector pump with 2 adjustable airflow outlets.

  • Rated for outdoor use, no additional protection from the elements needed.

  • Included air stones are heavy in weight in order to stay in place and diffuse the injected air very finely.

  • Hoses ensure high volume and uniform dissipation of oxygen into the water.

  • Regulating valves, for connecting the silicon hoses, allow for easy adjustment of the oxygen flow rate.

  • Lightweight, easy handling, and flexible placement thanks to long hose length.

  • The AquaOxy unit housing cannot be submerged in water.

  • Simple and convenient operation.

A ponds eco system relies on a fresh supply of oxygen to keep fish and plants healthy and happy. the air pumps use a gentle vibration system working with internal diaphragms to create the vital air flow that travels down the airline and is disbursed through air stones. The crucial oxygen is then filtered into the pond water which helps maintain a healthy pond system. Adding oxygen/ aeration to your pond assists in improving water quality and also provides a healthier environment for fish. Aeration can also help reduce bad pond odor.

AquaOxy – 500 Instructions

AquaOxy – 1000/2000 Instructions

AquaOxy – 4800 Instructions


Product Type Description RRP
AquaOxy 500 AquaOxy 500 external pond air pump 500L/hr, 8w, 1x5m airhose $249.99
AquaOxy 1000 AquaOxy 1000 external pond air pump 1000L/hr, 15w, 2x5m airhose $549.99
AquaOxy 2000 AquaOxy 2000 external pond air pump 2000L/hr, 25w, 2x5m airhose $599.99
AquaOxy 4800CWS AquaOxy 4800CWS external pond air pump 4800L/hr, 60w, 4x5m airhose $899.99

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