OASE PondoVac Version 4


The powerful pond vacuum with three functions will make your pond maintenance a lot simpler.  This pond Vacuum is perfect for those with slightly larger ponds because of the two-chamber system, this feature gives the PondoVac 4 the ability to work continuously by enabling sucking and discharging simultaneously.

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The new and even more powerful Pondovac 4 replaces the Pondovac 3 and exceeds its predecessor in terms of power by as much as 20%! Because of the impressive design.

This Pond Vacuum offers sufficient power and the required accessories, in order to free garden ponds, pools and swim ponds as well of all debris. If you also include its function as a wet vacuum in the household, the Pondovac 4 proves to be an extremely versatile multi-functional vacuum. And it also shows itself in an elegant new design.

Keeping the pond floor clean and free of unsightly floor sediment, sludge, and plant remains is necessary, but unfortunately, it is often quite tiresome. Because of the PondoVac 4, this will no longer be the case!

PondoVac Key Features

  • Vacuum non-stop thanks to the patented two-chamber system – simultaneous vacuuming and emptying of the tank.
  • Maximum suction depth of 2.4 m thanks to high-performance 1800 W motor with optimised blade geometry.
  • Can be used for cleaning garden ponds, pools and swim ponds as well as a wet vacuum in the household.
  • 4 robust, bend-resistant aluminium tubes.
  • Transparent suction tube for flow-through control.
  • Easy to move with transport rollers and adjustable handle.
  • Delivered with special string algae nozzle, widened universal nozzle, area nozzle with rollers and integrated brush, wet vacuum brush, brush nozzle for corners and stubborn debris, debris collection bag for retention of coarse particles, 5 m suction hose and 2.5 m discharge hose.
  • Hand regulator for adjusting the suction power.

Featured on Modest Fish as their #1 recommended pond vacuum – https://modestfish.com/best-pond-vacuum/

PONDOVAC 4 Instructions PDF

Product Type Description RRP
OASE Pondovac Classic OASE Pondovac Classic (Formerly Start Original.) $1,029.99
OASE Pondovac Version 4 OASE Pondovac Version 4.  Suction depth 2.4m 1700W motor 5m cable $1,499.99
OASE Pondovac Version 5 OASE Pondovac Version 5 with integrated delivery pump.  Suction depth 2.5m 1700W motor 5m cable $2,999.00

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