Oase Swimskim 25


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Oase Swimskim 25 Pond Skimmer

The new OASE Swimskim will free your pond of leaves and other nutrient inputs easily and effectively. The skimmer baskets can be emptied quickly, while the whirlpool function will stir up pollutants from the pond floor. The aeration function of the Swimskims sends valuable oxygen deep into the water where it is most needed to assist the health of your fish as well as improving the biological functions of the pond and biological filter.

  • Powerful suction of pond surfaces
  • Integrated aerator function for oxygen supply
  • Easy and convenient cleaning

Why Should you Remove Leaves From Your Pond?

Although you may like the look of leaves floating on the pond, it is seriously beneficial to remove them. Leaves will effect your ponds ecosystem in a negative way.
Decomposing leaves in the water will provide the pond with nutrients that algae thrives off. Resulting in murky or dirty water which is unsuitable for fish.

Removing leaves from the pond is essential to maintain water quality through out Autumn, the Oase swim skim pond skimmer is a perfect solution for keeping your pond clear of leaves and floating debris.

OASE Swimskin 25 Instructions

Product Type Description RRP
Oase swimskim 25 Dimensions 3332x297x250mm. Power consumption. 40W. Aereation function 300lph. Max pump flow rate 2500lph. Max pond skimming area 25m2. $599.99
Aquaskim 40 Aquaskim 40 – recommended flowrate 4,000-16,000 lph, height adjustable 300-500mm, 550-830mm, max. pond skimming area 40m2. $499.99

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