OASE Preformed Pond PE 500


The design of the preformed pond offers a natural impression from its organic shape and offers fast and easy planting as the marsh zones and plant zones are already integrated in the pond design.

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Product Type Description RRP
Heavy Duty Rectangle – Medium 1290mm x 850mm x 450mm 400 Litres $695.00
Heavy Duty Rectangle – Large 1740mm x 1190mm x 600mm 1050 Litres $1,295.00
OASE Preformed Pond PE 500 1780mm x 1260mm x 560mm -8.5kg $649.00
OASE Preformed Pond PE 750 2100mm x 1400mm x 600mm – 17.1kg $995.00
OASE Preformed Pond PE 1000 2400mm x 1400mm x 620mm – 19kg $1,095.00
Finia 1000 1000mm diameter for water features up to 250kg $429.50

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 1.059699 × 1.059699 × 1.059699 m