Which filter is right for your pond?

Selecting the right filter technology for your pond establishes the foundation for sustainably clear water.

Here’s an overview of the four filter categories and their main features:

Underwater filters

Underwater filters

Optimally suited for:

  • Decorative pools such as galvanised troughs or wine barrels
  • Pre-fabricated pools up to 5,000 litres
  • Small ponds
  • As supplemental filter element with fountain.

With the our all-in-one Filtral systems, you can create a beautiful feature even where space is at a minimum.

Pressure filters

pressure filters

Optimally suited for:

  • Medium-sized ponds up to 30 m3
  • Direct infeed of watercourses or fountains
  • Architectural pools without visible technology

Pressure filters are suitable for small and medium-sized ponds. If needed the water can be routed to higher positioned watercourses because the pump pressure remains intact through the filter. Check out our all-in-one Biopress systems with integrated pressure filters or our Filtoclear pressure filters.

Flow-through gravity filters

Gravity Filters

Optimally suited for:

  • Larger ponds up to 140 m3
  • Ponds with fish stock
  • High circulation capacities

Flow-through filters are used for medium-sized to large ponds. They stand above the water surface at the edge of the pond, or above a watercourse, so that the water flows back into the pond under gravity. Check out our gravity filters here as well as our commercial gravity filters, ideal for swim pools and ponds.

Module filters

Module Filters

Optimally suited for:

  • Large ponds, swim ponds and lakes

For large natural ponds or swim ponds – these modular systems can be expanded or contracted on demand.