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Product Type Description RRP
Profiskim 100 Profiskim 100 – Large diameter skimmer with max. 12,000 lph skimming capacity *$POA
Proficlear Module 1 Proficlear Module 1 – Pump chamber *$POA
Proficlear Module 2 Proficlear Module 2 – Coarse debris extractor *$POA
Proficlear Module 3 Proficlear Module 3 – Filter foam module *$POA
Proficlear Module 4 Proficlear Module 4 – Bioball filter module *$POA
Proficlear Module 5 Proficlear Module 5 – Phosphate adsorbtion module *$POA

*Prices subject to confirmation at time of purchase Complete Swimpond Proficlear Filter Set includes Modules 1,2,3,4 & 5

Mechanically enables simple extraction of solids up to 300 microns in size.

  • Incoming water is fed via two large- surface extraction sieves into the next filter chamber…
  • Pulling the slide valve flushes the debris out via a DN 50 discharge, which can be supported by the rinsing action of a cleaning nozzle.
  • The extraction sieves are quickly cleaned by interior and exterior brushes by operating the cleaning handle..
  • A pollution level indicator signals when maintenance is required.
  • Automatic and regular cleaning is possible via the Proficlear Screendrive

The Proficlear Classic range, is Ideal for large ponds and swim ponds up to 200m³. Modularly extensible filter system for individual adaption to local conditions. Easy maintenance cleaning handles and floor drains in each filter chamber. These systems can be set up as a pump fed version as well as the particularly energy saving gravity fed system.