Clearpond INFINITI Range


Chosen by Water Feature Suppliers for their compactness and reliability, all CP INFINITI pumps are equipped with a flow control valve and come with a 3 year motor guarantee. Comes in sizes ranging from 600lph (and 600lph for low voltage) to 5,000lph.

Limited stock available; we regret that no backorders are available until further notice.

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The unique technical design of the rotor unit makes the impellor, rotates in two anti friction bearings of special self lubricating material equipped with vibration absorbers. Thus improving quiet running and life of the rotor/impellor system. All pumps are equipped with a flow control valve and come with a 3 year guarantee on motor (12 month warranty on impeller). All low voltage versions come complete with IP44 rated weatherproof transformers for use in outdoor systems.

• Cord length LV model = plug to transformer 2m, transformer to pump 8m
• Suitable for saltwater applications
• All LV models come with IP44 rated weatherproof 12 volt transformers
• Suction caps for sturdy fixing of pumps
• Suitable for ponds, indoor and outdoor waterfeatures
• Thermal self-protection
• 2800 (with separately available threaded rotor cover)

Product Type Description RRP
Infiniti 600 Clearpond – Infiniti 600 pump.600lph, 1.3m max head, 10 metre cable $149.95
Infiniti 800 Clearpond – Infiniti 800 pump. 800lph, 1.5m max head, 10m cable $169.95
Infiniti 1200 Clearpond – Infiniti 1200 pump. 1150lph, 2m max head, 10m cable $199.95
Infiniti 2000 Clearpond – Infiniti 2000 pump. 2000lph, 2.2m max head, 10m cable $249.95
Infiniti 2800 Clearpond – Infiniti 2800 pump. 2800lph, 3.0m max head, 10m cable $299.95
Infiniti 4200 Clearpond – Infiniti 4200 pump. 4200lph, 3.5m max head, 10m cable $459.95
Infiniti 5000 Clearpond – Infiniti 5000 pump. 5000lph, 3.1m max head, 10m cable $499.95
Infiniti 600 Low Voltage Clearpond – Infiniti 600 Low Voltage. Includes weatherproof 12 volt transformer, 10m cable $189.95


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Infiniti 600 – 600lph, Infiniti 800 – 800lph, Infiniti 1200 – 1,150lph, Infiniti 2000 – 2,000lph, Infiniti 2800 – 2,800lph, Infiniti 4200 – 4,200lph, Infiniti 5000 – 5,000lph, Infiniti 600LV – 600lph