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Variations of jet lengths, jet height and RGB colours are played back in programs which can be selected via a remote control from a distance of up to 80m
The water jet angel can be indivdually adjusted, setting your favourite colour and water arch is done easily. Maximum jet length 1.8m, maximum jet height 0.9m and can be connected to a timer.
This set includes 2 Unit set water jet lighting pump, external control unit, transformer and cable.

The Little Brother of the Jumping Jet Rainbow Star in a twin set.
Integrated colour changing or fixed L.E.D lights,
2 x 8 m cables, pump external controller, transformer, 6m hose.
Different permanently set programs can be selected via remote control

Water jets magically shoot through the air in broad arcs and disappear, just as unexpectedly as they appeared.
Each shot generates a new configuration of precisely cut water jets that disappear in a small catch opening with pin point precision.
The effect is particularly beautiful at night when the water jet transports light freely through the surrounding darkness as if by magic.



Product Type Description RRP
OASE Quintet Creative OASE Quintet Creative – height adjustable unique dynamic water effects with 5 pumps and nozzles, the nozzles can be placed in any configuration to suit the site and customers requirements. 8m cable $1999.95
OASE Water Jet Lightning OASE Water Jet Lightning – The little brother of the Jumping Jet Rainbow Star in a twin set. Inc. Integrated colour changing or fixed L.E.D lights, 2x8m cables, pump, External controller, transformer, 6m hose. Different permanently set programs can be selected via remote control. These programmes vary in jet length and white or colour changing light. The Plug n Spray concept enables immediate operation in this energy efficient, low maintenance, high quality set. $1999.95

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