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With the Aquarius Universal range of pumps, ideal for fountains and water features. OASE has provided a solution for those seeking pumps with very small dimensions. The water inlet on each pump is at the base, making it ideal for water features with shallow water depths and the silent operation means you hear the sound of the water, not the pump.


Please choose pump size from the table below – or click “add to cart” for Aquarius Uni (Profinaut) 27

Product Type Description RRP
Aquarius Uni (Profinaut) 21 Aquarius Uni (Profinaut) 21 – 21,800 lph, 9.6m max. head, 470 watts. 10m cable $2599.95
Aquarius Uni (Profinaut) 27 Aquarius Uni (Profinaut) 27 – 27,000 lph, 10.0m max. head, 645 watts. 10m cable $2999.95
Aquarius Uni (Profinaut) 40 Aquarius Uni (Profinaut) 40 – 40,000 lph, 11.0m max. head, 1000 watts. 10m cable $3999.95


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