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Oases’ PondoVac 5 is a powerful vacuum that effortlessly removes debris and silt from ponds or pools, or from wet floors of any type.

The high-performance PondoVac 5 pond vacuum works as a combination of suction turbine and feed pump. Although the new member of the PondoVac product line has the same tubes and nozzles as the PondoVac 4, in comparison it is even more powerful.

Relative to the PondoVac 4, which has already proven its effectiveness, the PondoVac 5 offers up to 40% more capacity.

Its suction capacity is approx. 8,000 litres per hour. It also pumps the polluted water over height differentials up to a maximum particle size of 15 mm. Larger particles are collected by the debris bag.

The PondoVac 5 presents itself in a new colour scheme and is extremely mobile and maneuverable through its big rubberised wheel design.



  • Ambitious pond & pool vacuum with integrated feed pump
  • Pumps polluted water even over height differentials of up to 2 m
  • Significant performance increase relative to PondoVac 4
  • Optional: Floating hose for swim ponds/pool
  • DEEP ACTION: The PondoVac 5 achieves a maximum suction depth of 2.50 m with its powerful 1700 W motor with optimized blade geometry.
  • MONSTER SUCTION: Depending on the conditions of use, it can achieve up to 8000 l/h of suction
  • Full power without interruption, thanks to separate suction and pump function.


Product Type Description RRP
OASE Pondovac Classic OASE Pondovac Classic (Formerly Start Original.) $799.95
OASE Pondovac Version 4 OASE Pondovac Version 4.  Suction depth 2.4m 1700W motor 5m cable $1,399.95
OASE Pondovac Version 5 OASE Pondovac Version 5 with integrated delivery pump.  Suction depth 2.5m 1700W motor 5m cable $2,695.00

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