AquaOxy Pond Air Pumps (Various Sizes)


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This variable flow pond aerator supplies ponds with additional oxygen, vital for healthy ponds. The AquaOxy can be installed outside (certified by VDE) corresponding to international standards. It comes complete with airstones and air hose with a 2 year guarantee.

Product Type Description RRP
AquaOxy 500 AquaOxy 500 external pond air pump 500L/hr, 8w, 1x5m airhose $199.96
AquaOxy 1000 AquaOxy 1000 external pond air pump 1000L/hr, 15w, 2x5m airhose $299.95
AquaOxy 2000 AquaOxy 2000 external pond air pump 2000L/hr, 25w, 2x5m airhose $599.95
AquaOxy 4800CWS AquaOxy 4800CWS external pond air pump 4800L/hr, 60w, 4x5m airhose $799.95

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