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Ozpond’s are the ideal pond for beginners and DIY’s because they come in preset shapes and are easy to install. Installation is as easy as digging a hole, placing the pond in the hole, back fill around the pond and fill it up; it couldn’t be easier. The pond liners are made of HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) plastic, providing strength and UV resistance whilst being lightweight. These ponds are NOT suitable for above ground installation without support.

Features: UV resistant, Lightweight, shatterproof


Product Type Description RRP
Heavy Duty Rectangle – Small 1065mm x 720 mm x 310mm 240 Litres $299.95
Heavy Duty Rectangle – Medium 1292mm x 855mm x 455mm 500 Litres $599.95
Heavy Duty Rectangle – Large 1745mm x 1180mm x 600mm 1200 Litres $999.95
3’6” Half Round Black 1080mm x 600mm x 220mm 92 Litres $149.95
5’ Half Round Black 1540mm x 760mm 290mm 242 Litres $199.95
Ozpond 250 1499mm x 762mm x 457mm 250 litres $399.95
Ozpond 120 365mm x 889mm x 305mm120 litres $169.95
Ozpond 150 991mm x 711mm x 381mm 150 litres $249.95
Ozpond 350 1499mm x 991mm x 457mm 350 litres $429.95
Ozpond 600 1803mm x 1270 mm x 457mm 600 litres $599.95
Ozpond 750 2286mm x 1473mm x 457mm 750 litres $749.95
Ozpond 1000 2388mm x 1473mm x 457mm 1000 litres $899.95
Finia 650 650mm diameter for water features up to 150kg $299.50
Finia 1000 1000mm diameter for water features up to 250kg $329.50
Adelaide Pond 1150mm x 860mm x 380mm 135 litres $95.95


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